About Us


Renaissance Art and Science Club was founded by Leslie Ouyang, an ex-scientific manager and artist who has been painting since her childhood. 

At Renaissance Art and Science Club, we bring together artistic creativity and practical implementation to cultivate a dynamic community that discovers its potential and celebrates the passions in life. 

Our engaging classes, workshops and collaborative projects are designed to inspire innovative thinking and a profound understanding of both ourselves and the world. Whenever you seek to enhance your art technique or escape from your daily life, our club is the perfect retreat.

Unlike other traditional art teachings, we place a greater emphasis on discovering individual strength for personal growth and long-term value cultivation, ensuring lifelong benefits for everyone. We also pay attention to the sparks of art in other fields, introducing interesting and popular topics. The ultimate value of art should contribute to our lifelong refinement and happiness! We believe that art is more than a skill; it is a way of life. Through our courses, students develop a keen eye for beauty, finding joy and passion in life.  

Art is a lifestyle!